Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day Ten

Yes, It's Day Ten in my world and today i'm still underground, I've currently ran out of torches so i'll head back up onto ground, all this cave work is making me feel like a little wuss, I'll be tree cutting today to collect more wood for torches.

I knew it! That creeper I had trapped did eventually sneak up on me and explode in my face, bastard! Anyway, other than being killed this cave is really freaking me out, loud zombies and skeletons, I just discovered I missed another large cave and monsters have been coming out of there recently, Hopefully i'll get round to killing them all when I get more torches, It sends shivers down my spine.

Okay at the end of today I've found more Lapiz, more diamond, more iron. Everything went great and this cave system I found is amazing but very confusing, I'll have to sort out some kind of way in and out.

Day Nine

Another morning has began, I'm currently digging out some Redstone that I have found underneath water, I wonder what I'll do today, maybe exploring could be fun, but who knows. Well, I found more skeletons, I could hear them above me so I dug one square upwards and what do you know? Another cave.

Holy shit some creeper just jumped out of the hole I dug, Luckily I just killed it in time, thank you diamond sword. I just jumped out of my skin, I heard another skeleton,  I was making a set of stairs up to the new cave and this skeleton popped up right in front of my face, I can't do this anymore, I'm so scared!

Okay with the Skeletons all dead so far i'm safe, apart from this one creeper just standing there, I also found some gold which the Skeletons were protecting, this could be some sort of secret cave, lets get to work on killing this creeper eh?

Aww, he isn't even hostile to me, i'm just a few blocks away, oh well, time for him to die the little bastard, he'll probably try and explode on me as soon as I turn my back. So instead of killing that creeper I blocked it up with dirt, I'll keep him as a little pet for now. I just saw a skeleton bellow, he took a lot of my health but I managed to kill it.

Passive Creeper?

I can surely here more skeletons in this gravel, also, these creepy cave noises are scaring me, I hope it's a dungeon ahead though, I like dungeons.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Day Eight

As the farm animals wail above it must be another morning and a new day, this must be the best day so far, Underground mining for Diamond and Redstone, what could possibly go wrong?

Just been exploring the cave, found more skeletons, I really could use a bow right now. The skeleton just killed me one time, I managed to get all of my belongings back and created a few things such as a couple of Diamond Picks and a Diamond Sword. Time to go and kick some Skeleton ass!

Okay, so I went down to see if I could find the skeleton that shot me only to find it had vanished, where did it get to. Oh well, at least I found some iron ore. Another cave has been discovered while digging through dirt, I just got shot by a ninja Skeleton when uncovering it. Ambush, Ambush!!! Skeleton's just lead me down near the water where they both shot me, I'll get my revenge one day, I'm warning you!

So now it's time to go and teach them skeletons a lesson, I'm prepared to attack them by all costs and will probably try and flank them. Right now there is only one skeleton, I'll take my chances and attack it from behind, hopefully i'll get enough time to kill it before it turns around and shoots my balls off. My ninja reflexes have worked, It didn't even get a shot on me, Now lets explore this cave and see what we can find shall we?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day Seven

This morning was spent trying to recover items I had lost during last night when I got incinerated by Lava, I managed to get back an Iron Pick and Iron Sword with the iron I had mined from last night which was not so bad, at least i had some stuff i could recover, remember, don't dig straight down.

After I had recovered what I could I went outside in search of wood, I needed to make a door for the entrance of the cave in case any monsters manage to find there way into my house. I also patched up the entrance to the cave by making it all wooden so it links with my house, It looks nice now.

After patching up around my house I decided that I wanted to go underground again, maybe i'd find something pretty cool this time around. After a while of digging through gravel and dirt I found some more iron, Joy!

Whoa, Just found another cave, this one seems to have monsters inside, I can hear them, just spotted a zombie as well. Went further through the gravel and found a Creeper, Skeleton and Zombie, I must kill them now.

I managed to kill all of the monsters yet I still hear more Skeletons, maybe if I walk into the cave i'll discover something pretty neat, they must be guarding some ore or a dungeon perhaps. Redstone, great, this could come in handy later on if I ever make a mineshaft or something that requires Redstone, the skeletons are dead now thank god and I discovered a large waterfall within the cave, I wonder where the water is running from, I'll go check it out.

Diamond in here, That's what they must've been guarding all along, It seems to be hidden beneath the water so i'll have to block off the water from running, Just need to go up into my house and grab my iron pick so I can mine the Redstone and Diamond.

Just went up onto ground, It's night out so morning must be approaching very soon since the moon is falling, I went back down into the cave only to discover yet more Diamond hidden behind some Iron ore, this has to be too good to be true.

Day Six

I begin today underground as I start to build a stairwell all the way down until I find a cave, A few minutes later I have found my first cave, I can see iron in front of me so I go ahead and mine that, so far so good, Not a monster in sight or any signs of a monster, I wonder if it will stay this peaceful.

There is flowing water in this cave, I can hear and see it, This quickly gets covered up to prevent me flowing down into the lower pits of the cave, as I venture further into the cave I find a lava source followed by a dead end, I head up the other end of the noise, Suddenly I hear the dreaded noise, A zombie is among me.

A zombie flies towards me in a rush from the gravel ahead, I wield my sword and kill the oncoming zombie, but still I hear the sound of yet more zombies. I venture ahead and find yet another dead end but as i dig through the gravel I hear the zombies groaning, closer and closer to my ears.

Punching the gravel with my hands slowly becomes boring so I head back up to my house and collect some wood from the nearby trees outside, I will use this to create a shovel and then head back down into the cave and remove all of the gravel. I knew all of that dirt and gravel had something to reveal and it did, I found four chunks of Lapis Lazuli hidden amongst all of it.

Uh great, I was digging out most of the dirt then suddenly I dropped, straight into the lava bellow, I lost all of my items so i'll have to get to work on recovering some, luckily I dropped off most of the stuff back at my chest before I started to dig, shame I lost the Lapis Lazuli though.

Day Five

The sun shined brightly through the window to the east as yet another day had began, I open the front door of my house to find zombies burning at the nearby trees, I wait for them to die so I can collect there drops. Today I am heading north, the grass crunches beneath my feet as I move hastily towards the hills in the distance. On the way to my destination I come across the red mushrooms I was talking about earlier, I pick them and carry on walking.

As I observe my location from the top of the hill I had just climbed I can see a small black entry in the distance, could this be another cave or simply just a dark area, there was only one way to find out as I approached the area. It was in fact another very small cave with a water supply and a large hole going far down into the ground, nothing but more coal in this cave so I left it and continued to search for more interesting things.

I found no caves today but some small entries pretending to be caves, I also found some cactus plants which could be used to create a basic mob trap and defend me from creepers and other dangerous mobs, with cactus in my inventory I headed back towards my house as another day had came to an end.

Day Four

The sun is rising in the east as dawn breaks, all is calm and hopefully will be throughout today. I started the day by heading back to where i found the pumpkin patches the previous day, nothing but coal had seemed to come up on my travels recently, i did however found a small cave which had no monsters inside nor ores.

As the day drew on i found my first piece of clay on this gravel beach i had discovered, only the one block but clay is clay and when i get enough i could possibly make bricks, later towards the night i found some mushrooms, i'm pretty sure i saw some red mushrooms near my house too which means i can make some mushroom soup.

Nothing much had happened during the night apart from the sound of the zombies outside, they are probably hungry since i doubt they had eaten in a long time, at least, they hadn't eaten human for a long time.