Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Day Eight

As the farm animals wail above it must be another morning and a new day, this must be the best day so far, Underground mining for Diamond and Redstone, what could possibly go wrong?

Just been exploring the cave, found more skeletons, I really could use a bow right now. The skeleton just killed me one time, I managed to get all of my belongings back and created a few things such as a couple of Diamond Picks and a Diamond Sword. Time to go and kick some Skeleton ass!

Okay, so I went down to see if I could find the skeleton that shot me only to find it had vanished, where did it get to. Oh well, at least I found some iron ore. Another cave has been discovered while digging through dirt, I just got shot by a ninja Skeleton when uncovering it. Ambush, Ambush!!! Skeleton's just lead me down near the water where they both shot me, I'll get my revenge one day, I'm warning you!

So now it's time to go and teach them skeletons a lesson, I'm prepared to attack them by all costs and will probably try and flank them. Right now there is only one skeleton, I'll take my chances and attack it from behind, hopefully i'll get enough time to kill it before it turns around and shoots my balls off. My ninja reflexes have worked, It didn't even get a shot on me, Now lets explore this cave and see what we can find shall we?

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