Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day Five

The sun shined brightly through the window to the east as yet another day had began, I open the front door of my house to find zombies burning at the nearby trees, I wait for them to die so I can collect there drops. Today I am heading north, the grass crunches beneath my feet as I move hastily towards the hills in the distance. On the way to my destination I come across the red mushrooms I was talking about earlier, I pick them and carry on walking.

As I observe my location from the top of the hill I had just climbed I can see a small black entry in the distance, could this be another cave or simply just a dark area, there was only one way to find out as I approached the area. It was in fact another very small cave with a water supply and a large hole going far down into the ground, nothing but more coal in this cave so I left it and continued to search for more interesting things.

I found no caves today but some small entries pretending to be caves, I also found some cactus plants which could be used to create a basic mob trap and defend me from creepers and other dangerous mobs, with cactus in my inventory I headed back towards my house as another day had came to an end.

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