Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day Three

This morning started pretty badly, I was trying to find the spider i could hear screaching, as i opened the door, i looked towards the top of my house and then, behind me i heard a SSSS... BOOM. A creeper had destroyed a corner of my house aswell as this ninja spider hitting me on the head. I lost a little health but i managed to get away fine.

Other than the bad start, i went to the coal mine i had discovered yesterday, i lit it up only to find a small cavarn with nothing inside, i then mined the coal i saw on the outside of the cavern and set off to find more stuff. I was looking towards a hill and infront of me was some Pumpkin, so i took all of that and also found some iron ore which could come in handy at some point, by this time it was night so i headed back to my wooden house.

Tonight was spent mostly smelting down ores, creating jack o laterns and crafting a few items such as an iron sword and pickaxe, hopefully these will come in handy if i ever find any rarer ores such as gold or diamond.

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