Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day Ten

Yes, It's Day Ten in my world and today i'm still underground, I've currently ran out of torches so i'll head back up onto ground, all this cave work is making me feel like a little wuss, I'll be tree cutting today to collect more wood for torches.

I knew it! That creeper I had trapped did eventually sneak up on me and explode in my face, bastard! Anyway, other than being killed this cave is really freaking me out, loud zombies and skeletons, I just discovered I missed another large cave and monsters have been coming out of there recently, Hopefully i'll get round to killing them all when I get more torches, It sends shivers down my spine.

Okay at the end of today I've found more Lapiz, more diamond, more iron. Everything went great and this cave system I found is amazing but very confusing, I'll have to sort out some kind of way in and out.

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