Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day Four

The sun is rising in the east as dawn breaks, all is calm and hopefully will be throughout today. I started the day by heading back to where i found the pumpkin patches the previous day, nothing but coal had seemed to come up on my travels recently, i did however found a small cave which had no monsters inside nor ores.

As the day drew on i found my first piece of clay on this gravel beach i had discovered, only the one block but clay is clay and when i get enough i could possibly make bricks, later towards the night i found some mushrooms, i'm pretty sure i saw some red mushrooms near my house too which means i can make some mushroom soup.

Nothing much had happened during the night apart from the sound of the zombies outside, they are probably hungry since i doubt they had eaten in a long time, at least, they hadn't eaten human for a long time.

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