Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day Seven

This morning was spent trying to recover items I had lost during last night when I got incinerated by Lava, I managed to get back an Iron Pick and Iron Sword with the iron I had mined from last night which was not so bad, at least i had some stuff i could recover, remember, don't dig straight down.

After I had recovered what I could I went outside in search of wood, I needed to make a door for the entrance of the cave in case any monsters manage to find there way into my house. I also patched up the entrance to the cave by making it all wooden so it links with my house, It looks nice now.

After patching up around my house I decided that I wanted to go underground again, maybe i'd find something pretty cool this time around. After a while of digging through gravel and dirt I found some more iron, Joy!

Whoa, Just found another cave, this one seems to have monsters inside, I can hear them, just spotted a zombie as well. Went further through the gravel and found a Creeper, Skeleton and Zombie, I must kill them now.

I managed to kill all of the monsters yet I still hear more Skeletons, maybe if I walk into the cave i'll discover something pretty neat, they must be guarding some ore or a dungeon perhaps. Redstone, great, this could come in handy later on if I ever make a mineshaft or something that requires Redstone, the skeletons are dead now thank god and I discovered a large waterfall within the cave, I wonder where the water is running from, I'll go check it out.

Diamond in here, That's what they must've been guarding all along, It seems to be hidden beneath the water so i'll have to block off the water from running, Just need to go up into my house and grab my iron pick so I can mine the Redstone and Diamond.

Just went up onto ground, It's night out so morning must be approaching very soon since the moon is falling, I went back down into the cave only to discover yet more Diamond hidden behind some Iron ore, this has to be too good to be true.

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