Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day Six

I begin today underground as I start to build a stairwell all the way down until I find a cave, A few minutes later I have found my first cave, I can see iron in front of me so I go ahead and mine that, so far so good, Not a monster in sight or any signs of a monster, I wonder if it will stay this peaceful.

There is flowing water in this cave, I can hear and see it, This quickly gets covered up to prevent me flowing down into the lower pits of the cave, as I venture further into the cave I find a lava source followed by a dead end, I head up the other end of the noise, Suddenly I hear the dreaded noise, A zombie is among me.

A zombie flies towards me in a rush from the gravel ahead, I wield my sword and kill the oncoming zombie, but still I hear the sound of yet more zombies. I venture ahead and find yet another dead end but as i dig through the gravel I hear the zombies groaning, closer and closer to my ears.

Punching the gravel with my hands slowly becomes boring so I head back up to my house and collect some wood from the nearby trees outside, I will use this to create a shovel and then head back down into the cave and remove all of the gravel. I knew all of that dirt and gravel had something to reveal and it did, I found four chunks of Lapis Lazuli hidden amongst all of it.

Uh great, I was digging out most of the dirt then suddenly I dropped, straight into the lava bellow, I lost all of my items so i'll have to get to work on recovering some, luckily I dropped off most of the stuff back at my chest before I started to dig, shame I lost the Lapis Lazuli though.

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