Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day Nine

Another morning has began, I'm currently digging out some Redstone that I have found underneath water, I wonder what I'll do today, maybe exploring could be fun, but who knows. Well, I found more skeletons, I could hear them above me so I dug one square upwards and what do you know? Another cave.

Holy shit some creeper just jumped out of the hole I dug, Luckily I just killed it in time, thank you diamond sword. I just jumped out of my skin, I heard another skeleton,  I was making a set of stairs up to the new cave and this skeleton popped up right in front of my face, I can't do this anymore, I'm so scared!

Okay with the Skeletons all dead so far i'm safe, apart from this one creeper just standing there, I also found some gold which the Skeletons were protecting, this could be some sort of secret cave, lets get to work on killing this creeper eh?

Aww, he isn't even hostile to me, i'm just a few blocks away, oh well, time for him to die the little bastard, he'll probably try and explode on me as soon as I turn my back. So instead of killing that creeper I blocked it up with dirt, I'll keep him as a little pet for now. I just saw a skeleton bellow, he took a lot of my health but I managed to kill it.

Passive Creeper?

I can surely here more skeletons in this gravel, also, these creepy cave noises are scaring me, I hope it's a dungeon ahead though, I like dungeons.

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